What We Do

A company comprised of a dynamic team equipped with expertise, decades of experience and associates & partners around the globe, Spring International offers services that enable efficient and effective procurement through the use of professional services, infrastructure and technology. Our complete understanding of spend areas across the enterprise help procurement organizations accelerate their programs and create a significant difference in
their bottom line.
Mainly engaged in Corporate and Govt. tenders for materials and services. Over 22 years of experience in this field and international networking among
manufacturers and producers assist us to achieve our business objectives on regular basis.


Country/Territory: Doha, Qatar
Address: P.O. Box 31805, Doha, Qatar
Company Registration: 79379
Trading License : 116648
Tax Filling Ref. (TIN) : 516515
Our Bank : Commercial Bank of Qatar
Corporate Status: With Limited Liability Company
Business Type: Tendering, Trading, Contracting Company
Geographic Markets: Qatar
No. of Employees: 10 - 15 Employees


With the rising demand for Offshore Procurement services, Spring International is confident to execute good performance in its field through its exceptional qualities maintained through years .



Cost Advantage

Strategic Sourcing

With a wide network of strategic sourcing practitioners from across the globe, Spring International is well-positioned to implement strategic sourcing for its client companies through its process that allows the realization of all opportunities, implementation and maintenance of best practices. combines a strategic perspective with rigorous analysis on a sourcing group-by sourcing group basis to deliver significant reductions in total cost. The first step involves defining the scope of purchases and prioritizing the opportunities by accessing the database of expenditures. This will cover from direct, indirect materials to services and capital expenditures. The purchases are then strategically segmented based on market dynamics and business strategies using a supply positioning matrix which will identify non-critical to strategic items. Each sourcing group will then follow a seven-step detailed methodology which will profile your total spend and recommend procurement strategies to implement.

Spring International’s Methodology

Profile Category

Supply Market Analysis

Develop Sourcing Strategy

Supplier Selection

Negotiation and Contract

Implement Agreement

Manage Suppliers

Spring International team helps companies in creating competitive advantage and distinction in the market. Our tested and proven methodology ensures the establishment of short term and long term sustainable value. We give assistance in developing compliance and performance metric systems to reduce risks in transactions. Here are the benefits of Strategic Sourcing


Emphasis on total, lifetime cost, not just purchase price Strategic sourcing takes account of the full life-cycle costs of a product, not just its purchase price.


Consolidated purchasing power Looking right across the supplier relationship, strategic sourcing reduces costs by increasing purchasing power.


Tighter supplier relationships By narrowing the number of suppliers used in the business, "partnering" in JVs/alliances, and devising mutually beneficial contracts, suppliers can work together with a strategic sourcing business to achieve better standardization and improvements in cost, quality and delivery time.


Streamlined business processes, work and information flow The objective here is to simplify sourcing requirements by promoting common standards, work patterns and information requirements. This in turn can lead to lower inventory costs and reductions in purchasing order frequencies.


Improved teamwork and purchasing skills By creating cross-functional teams that can include suppliers, businesses can overcome organizational barriers, inspire collaboration and promote innovation. Better informed purchasing skills result from sharing information about products, markets and respective needs to meet wider organizational objectives.